5 Steps to Plan the Perfect Marriage Proposal


The Right One

Congratulations! We’re happy you found the one you’re looking for. Here are things you can consider before proposing.

How do I start?


How to Find Right Ring Size

Here are a few ways you can sneakily find out her accurate ring measurement without giving her a hint.

The Right Ring Size


Planning the Proposal

Ready to pop the question? Don’t fluster, we give you our top 5 tips to plan the perfect date every time!

Help Me Plan


Find the Right Ring

Buying that proposal ring is no joke. Make sure you know the basics. If not, we are here to help!

Buy the Right Ring


Yes! Yes! Yes!

Congratulations! It’s a yes! Wondering what to do next? Here are 5 super tips to keep things simple and romantic.

What next?

Find Your Perfect Match

Everyone has their unique personality. Find the ring that will best match their taste.

Planning Advice

Top 10 Celebrity Rings.

Plan Your Perfect Date

10 Most Romantic Places in India

Rings Based on Profession